Playlists & Paris

Whether it's music, interviews, stories, or even shows on Hulu, I'm a person who needs to have background noise while working. My husband--a writer--has a hard time listening to words while writing, which makes sense, but lucky me! I have the luxury of being able to listen to podcasts while working on visual things.

What's a mystery to me is why sometimes I want to listen to something that's an active listening experience (new music, an interview or short fiction) and sometimes I want to zone out and not pay attention to it (an album I've heard hundred times or a familiar movie). This morning, I chose zone out mode with the soundtrack from Amelie. If you haven't seen it, recently or ever, it's always worth a watch. It's currently giving me a serious longing for Paris and flashbacks to our honeymoon there last year. 

Signing off to do some more illustrating (while dreaming of sipping un café watching the boats in the fountain at the Jardin du Luxembourg).