Spring has sprung! Can you smell it?

Studio flowers!

Studio flowers!

Sunday was the first day of Spring, woohoo! I've finally adjusted to the "Spring forward" time change and we're working on some fun Spring-themed things to share with you. I am loving all the blossoms popping out along the city sidewalks. The smell of jasmine blooming in San Francisco is seriously intoxicating.

Speaking of Spring smells, I have this thing with lilacs. Having grown up in the Midwest with a flower-loving mother, they are an integral part of spring for me. They're connected to some very nostalgic part of my brain and there are about a billion memories that collide whenever I smell them. I carried the ones pictured above around the house and studio with me for an entire week!

They inspired me to start a running list (in addition to lilacs, of course) of favorite scents: Lavender, paper, peonies, tomatoes & basil, coffee!, peeling citrus fruit, fall leaves, movie theater popcorn, etc. etc. etc.

What are some of your favorite smells--springlike or not?