I'm so sorry, little blog!

emoji neglect.jpg

Okay okay, I know! I’ve seriously neglected the blog lately. But it’s only because (insert the oldest excuse in the book) I’ve been so busy.

But really, there are big things happening around here! We now have a studio which means I’m not working in the corner of our kitchen anymore. The days of starting projects and getting interrupted with thoughts of “I should really do the dishes/vacuum/some other household thing” are over. Although that space is still not usable because it’s basically a pile of the stuff I didn’t move into the studio…everything is a work in progress!

The studio is in the Mission, surrounded by awesome stores and restaurants and amazing coffee shops. I feel so incredibly lucky and inspired to create!

Speaking of making cool stuff, we finally got our Risograph! It’s an awesome printing process and I am pumped to start experimenting with designs. Like I said, lots of developments. I’m really excited to be able to share what we’re working on in the next few months and hope you’ll follow along on Instagram in the meantime.